Author Paul Glennon

Paul Glennon is the author of the award winning Bookweird trilogy. Before turning his hands to kids books, Paul published a collection of stories: How Did You Sleep? and the novel The Dodecahedron which was shortlisted for a Governor General's Award.

Bookweirdest, the final installment of the Bookweird Trilogy is now available. Bookweirdest finds Norman and his sister trapped in Uncle Kit's fictional fantasy world. Faced with the biggest challenge of his young life Norman needs the help of his friend King Malcolm of the stoats, any Unicorns friendly or otherwise and all the guile that the bookweird has taught him. Failure means not only the loss of his favourite books, but something much more important.

Bookweirdest Available Fall 2012

The third and final installment of the Bookweird series wiil be arriving in bookstores in Fall 2012. Check your local or virtual bookstore for availability.

Bookweirder wins Sunburst Award

At a fantastic night at the Harbourfront Reading at the Harbourfront Reading Series in Toronto, Paul read Bookweirder alongside nine other nominated writers for the Sunburst Awards. Guy Gavriel Kay won the award for adult fiction and Bookwerider and took home the award for Young Adult audiences.